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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Suffer The Little Children

It was very difficult so many years ago to bring healthy babies into the world.  Childbirth  was a dangerous risk for women and many lost their lives.  We are so blessed and fortunate today that we have the medical resources and equipment to monitor the health of our unborn children and to ensure the safe delivery for baby and mother.

Florence E. Smith was born in 1875 and was the daughter of my 2nd great grandparents. She died on December 7, 1881 when she fell off the Bradbury Bridge, in Biddeford, Maine and drowned at the age of seven. She is buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery in Hollis, Maine. She was found there resting beside her parents, William G. Smith and Druzillah J. Gray.

My great grandparents, William Russell Roesch and Ada Louise Houston had six children.  Their first child, Mary, was born December 22, 1885 and died May 2, 1887.  Their second child, a newborn son, born on April 2, 1887, died the very next day.  On January 15, 1888 a daughter was stillborn, and then on August 22, 1889 they suffered through yet another loss of a stillborn daughter.

Their fifth baby, a son brought joy for he survived, they called him Willy.  He became my grandfather.  One last child, a son they named Leroy, born on October 7, 1895 left this earth on October 25, 1895. 

All five babies are buried in the Pioneer Houston Family Cemetery in Eau Gallie, Florida.  I find it difficult to comprehend the pain that parents suffered when they lost their children. 

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