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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Church Record Sunday - Faith and Family

William and Ada

It was 1890 and a house of worship for all Methodists in the
new community of Eau Gallie, Florida had not yet been established.  From 1890 to 1900, worshipers met any and everywhere they could find space.  My great grandparents, William Russell Roesch and his wife, Ada Louise Houston met under the supervision of William for Sunday School.  On those occasions when a guest minister was not available, William would prepare and give the sermon.

St. Paul's Methodist Church
In 1900 a formal organization was created and William and Ada were among the first few to sign the charter.  It was with faith and vision that this small group undertook the building of St. Paul's Methodist Church.  The first service was held in 1902.

Sadly, this first church burned down on August 6, 1965.  It was rebuilt and continues to serves the community to this day.

Ada gave her husband the gift of a Bible in 1904.  This Bible has been passed down through the years.  Cut out and glued onto this first page in the Bible was the newspaper article of the 62nd wedding anniversary of William's parents, Philip and Helen.  Inside the Bible there are many bookmarks indicating various versus.  A faded Fifth Premium ribbon from the Lenawee County Fair Association, State of Michigan, lay inside.  The fair started in 1839 and continues today.  There is also a white ribbon with red lettering for an Epworth League Convention held in Deland, Florida, Jacksonville District, October 12-13  in 1904 that my Aunt Lena attended. Today it is known as the MYF, Methodist Youth Fellowship.  Postmarked 1941 is a Christmas card addressed to Lena signed by Scott, Florence and Kiddies. This treasure is now in my care.

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