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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday - "Prism"

I have been researching my ancestry since 2004.  It is amazing how much I have come to know them and yes, love them.  Many of my ancestors were writers and poets.  My 2nd great grandfather, Russell Cardey, a man of great faith wrote poems to express his religious beliefs.  My great grandfather, William Russell Roesch started a newspaper writing many articles on every topic and even a little poetry.  His son, and my grandfather, William Phillip Roesch also wrote articles for the newspaper. Later, another newspaper carried his tongue and cheek, sometimes humorous column titled, "Observations By An Observing Observer".  I will share some of their works another day.

The realization that perhaps I might have inherited just a little of their writing skills genes gives me great joy.  It validates that I am indeed a part of all who came before me. Previous poems I have shared with you are, "Reflections", "Perplexed" and  "Epitaph Nevermore."  I hope you enjoy "Prism".

By Kathryn Smith Lockhard

I have a secret prism
that keeps my life aglow.
I need not see my prism
for it to bring me joy.

My prism shines a deep deep blue
that warms me through and through.
Quiet shades of green reveal
peace and solitude.

My eyes dance with laughter
when my prism beams of pink.
A color unbeknownst to me
is my favorite one I think.

White it overwhelms me
with passion and desire.
A yearning swells within me
and rages as a fire.

My prism now transforms to gold.
Life is a miracle I am told.
How wonderful the life I lead,
my loving you is all I need.

My prism once was naught,
but now shall always be.
I have a secret prism,
that's known to  only me.

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