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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Two Knots Tied Up Quick

                                      Oskosh Northwestern Oskosh, Wisconsin

                                       February l, 1888
                                       Victorian Valentine Wedding 

Ida M Roesch

Ella J Roesch

"Mr. Henry Korber married Miss Ida M. Roesch and one minute later Mr. William L. Gelbach was tied to Miss Ella J. Roesch. 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Roesch took the mingled loss and blessing as well as could be expected.  Rev. E. M. Corey tied the two knots up quick and in the most approved fashion.  The parents were congratulated on the addition of two fine sons-in-law."

"The men had made a most excellent selection for their companions in life.  The husbands on the other hand, were thrifty, energetic businessmen, and neither of the men, smoked, chewed, nor drank."

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  1. One minute apart? Wow, that's some good planning! And I love how much the sisters look alike.


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