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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - William Phillip Roesch

1893 - 1960
I am somewhat mystified at my grandfather's obituary. (The grandfather I never knew.)  It is short and sweet and omits so much of who he was and what he did.
It doesn't mention that he was a newspaper writer, editor, columnist, insurance agent, and bookkeeper to name a few.

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He was actually married four times.  His first wife Nellie died leaving a six-year-old son.
His second wife, Florence, became my grandmother.  They divorced after 10 years of marriage and two children.
His third marriage to Gertrude was very short lived.
His fourth marriage to Marjorie produced one child.  It was a long and happy marriage that lasted until his death.

Master Mason

Young, Happy, Sucessful

I said I would share some of his tongue and cheek one-liners that he wrote while working at the Sentinel. I hope you enjoy them. His column was called:

Observations, By An Observing Observer.

 "An ordinary toad can flick its tongue out three inches and catch a fly-an ordinary woman can flick her tongue and spoil a reputation miles away''.
 "It takes a real strong man to lift a mortgage these days".
  "A real cautious man can usually be identified as such at a glance-he wears suspenders and a belt-and never takes a chance".
 "In view of the fact that gasoline and liquor won't mix without causing trouble this column suggests that the Eighteenth Amendment be enforced".
 "In order to dress all a woman has to do is step-in slip-on and sing out "lets go".
 "The ordinary flapper has a way of describing people and things that leaves very little to doubt her meaning-sidewalk loafers are called "leg gazers" in the dialect of the day".
 "Of all things that have changed during the past ten years, the "parlor joke" has gone the farthest".
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