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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Innocence - Laughter and Love

When Philip Roesch returned from the Civil War, he married his sweetheart, Helen J. Cardey on July 8, 1866. Seventeen years later, their family was complete with seven children. They were called Pa and Ma. The two youngest children were Clyde, born in 1881 and then two years later, Bertha in 1883.
 Playtime on the farm was at times exciting, and at times downright dangerous.  Bertha shares with us stories of her childhood and the mischief she and her brother Clyde experienced.  Here are three of those stories.

Left to right:  Penny, Clyde and Bertha

"While Clyde and I were playing in the hayloft one day, our little dog Penny climbed the 10-foot ladder trying to reach us.  Clyde laid down on his stomach and reached for our dog, pulling him the rest of way.  But, in our excitement, we leaned against the large sliding door and pushed it off the track.  It went down with a loud crash.  Our father couldn't see how we were able to push it off without falling with it for which he was very thankful."

"One day after a heavy rain Clyde and I thought it would be fun to go boat riding.  There was an old horse trough our father used to feed his horses when they were in the pasture.  It was about six feet long and 14 inches high, made of oak and heavy as lead.  It sat on top of a small hill, but, by tugging and pushing, we got it down to a small stream.  Clyde got in and I pushed him off, but the 'trough turned turtle with Clyde under it'.  Soon he came out and said, 'We'll have to stay down here until I get dried out so Ma won't know what happened.'  It was several days before our father discovered our boat."

 "Clyde, eight, decided to make a bicycle using two barrel heads for wheels.  He worked in the old shop all day and finally I decided to go out and see if it was all set to ride yet.  But, I fell down and started to cry.  Mother came hurrying along to see what was the matter and Clyde said, 'She was swearing, that's why she got hurt!'  I answered back, I was not!  I was singing Jesus Christ, the Son of God".

Bertha Mae Roesch was Valedictorian class of 1902 in Potosi High School, Potosi, Wisconsin.
Bertha Mae Roesch born 1883

Clyde Earl Roesch born 1881

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