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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday - The Ills of Children

One of the biggest fears  mothers had was when their children became ill with a cold. How could a parent tell if it was turning out to be pneumonia and their child could possibly die. Today with modern medicine, penicillin, our children are healthier for which I am very thankful.

 I came across this ad in the newspaper, "The Indian River Advocate" dated January 6, 1899.  The picture alone says it all.  Mothers are told in this ad that Pe-ru-na will save their childs life.  In 1899, I would have bought it too.

Dr. Hartman offers his advise to parents on the treatment of colds and coughs.

Learn to guard against colds.  Nearly all the ills of children begin with  taking cold.  If your child catches cold don't wait a moment before attacking that cold.

To the ignorance or neglect of parents is due the fatal termination of many children's complaints.

If you are not informed as of the proper course to pursue to drive off a child's cold, write to Dr. Hartman and ask for some of his free books which contain some of the most pertinent facts about colds and coughs.

The article gives testimony. 
Dear Sir:  "Your medicine saved my baby's life.  We stopped all treatment but yours and now he is a beautiful baby boy.  It was certainly a miracle".

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