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Friday, November 25, 2011

Yesterday's Gifts of Love

It is now official, Thanksgiving Day is behind us and we start the Christmas season.  We will be busy shopping for just the right gift in very busy shopping malls; listening to holiday songs and wishing for a white Christmas. 

 We want to recognize our friends and extended family during this blessed time so we carefully choose the just the right cards to send a holiday message.  Once upon a time many gifts were handmade.   My grandmother, Florence Sterling Roesch Hilligoss, was one who crocheted doily's and other items and also designed her own cards.   This was a time when you could feel the love radiate from the gift for the time it took to make them.  I still have towels safely stored that she crocheted around the edges.

What I fancy most I think are the hand designed and hand written Christmas postcards.

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