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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sympathy Saturday - Clyde Earl Roesch

Clyde Earl Roesch, born in Potosi, Wisconsin on April 12, 1881.  He was the son of Philip, a Civil War Veteran of three years.  Clyde was one of six children.  Clyde's first wife Minnie Marcue died in 1914.  He married again in 1917 to Julia Barbara Keehner.

Clyde was a farmer first, and later became a cobbler.  He and Julia purchased a winter home from his brother, William Russell Roesch, in Eau Gallie, Florida.  The home sat on Highland Avenue.  Even their father, Philip, bought a winter home here and the homes sat three in a row.  The three of them often went fishing in the Indian River together.  Clyde was known as the champion fisherman.

1881 - 1961

A little girl by the name of Leslie Louthain was walking home from school.  She saw Clyde Roesch sitting on a bench.  There was blood coming out of his ear.  She asked "Are you okay"?  Clyde just smiled at her.  Leslie went home and told her mother, "Something is wrong with Mr. Roesch".  Her mother went to check on Clyde and then she called the ambulance.  Clyde had fallen from a ladder at his home while hanging his storm windows.  He later died at the hospital from his injuries on Oct 23, 1961 at the age of 80.

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