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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Tea Anyone?

When you think of tea you think of the Boston Tea Party, Chinese restaurants and England's afternoon tea, perhaps with the Queen, and green tea is good for medicinal purposes.  It is said that tea had its beginnings over 3,000 years ago in China.  They called tea the "elixir of life".

My collection of teacups, is more than just a collection. They hold not just tea but memories as well.  My mother-in-law passed on most I admit, so they are special to remember her by, and a few were  from my one and only daughter-in-law.  The black tea cup embellished with gold  was a find I came across and loved because it was so different than others I had seen. This cup was my only purchase. 

The top left cup is a very special cup that I love.  It was part of a fine china dinnerware set that belonged to my great grandmother, Elsie Lovina Eldridge Sterling, b 1870 - d 1961. The cup is thin and you can see the shadow of your hand pass by on the other side.  I remember going to her Florida home for dinner on many occasions with my parents and enjoying delicious meals she prepared with love.  The table would be set with her fine china.

The second row, far right is very similar.  It belonged to my grandmother, Florence Eloise Sterling Roesch Hilligoss, b 1904 - d 1971.  This cup was part of her good china that she received as a wedding gift from her parents, Elsie Lovina and Emond Lewis Sterling.  I also have some of the matching plates and bowls discolored from age stored away.

The teacups remind me of the story of my great aunt, Julia Barbara Keehner Roesch, who was described as "A lady in every sense of the word.  She loved to have her tea in floral teacups."

Coffee may be the more popular drink of the day, but it is the teacup that brings the memories of family and love home to me.


  1. A beautiful collection. I don't have a collection of tea cups, but tea is one of my favorite things. A warm cup of tea with a little sugar is my favorite drink during "me" time. Perhaps I should have some nice tea cups to go along with it!

  2. Heather,I think perhaps you should have some nice tea cups.

  3. Thank you for the photos. I really didn't drink tea until a two-year stay in Montreal introduced me to the "tradition." I have 6 cups and they remind me of special friends there. Thank you for your post.


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