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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Workday Wednesday - Tiger Fence

My great grandfather, William Russell Roesch, was very active and involved in many professions at once.  He was a fruit grower of oranges and grapefruit, a farmer who had milking cows and grew watermelon, green beans and other vegetables.  He was also the Mayor of Eau Gallie, Florida.  He was Postmaster for a period of nine years, and he began the Eau Gallie Record newspaper and was its writer and editor.

I wondered what else I might find and set out to research old Florida newspapers. And find I did, not only stories about vacations, dentist appointments, trips to the city, snakes under the house, etc., I found this ad in the Florida Star dated Friday, November 23, 1901.

It reads:  "The above cut shows my 'Tiger Fence' and the machine from which it is made.  No place for weeds and brush to grow.  No harbor for insects and vermin.  I will sell you the machine, you make your own fence. Any man or boy can use it and make more fence in a day than he can with any other material or machine.  You can build your own and your neighbors fence, thereby making money for yourself, besides having best, strongest and cheapest fence in the world.  This machine is fully covered by patents of which I am the owner.  Write for circulars and prices of machine and wire.  Agents Wanted"
                                                                                            W.R. ROESCH , Eau Gallie, Florida  

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