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Monday, January 2, 2012

Matrilineal Monday - Regina

Regina Roesch was born on September 1, 1847 in Baden, Germany.  She was the daughter of Mathias Roesch and Magdalena Jehle. Regina sailed on the ship 'William Nelson' to America with her parents and siblings in 1857 when she was nine-years-old.  The family settled in Potosi, Wisconsin.

Three years later Regina's mother died of pneumonia leaving behind six children.  Her older sister Elenora married Ignatius Stoll seven months later leaving Regina to manage the household duties and care for younger siblings ages one, five, seven and nine.  A year later her father remarried relieving Regina from these duties.

Regina Roesch and her husband,
George Washington Cardey
Regina married George Washington Cardey on October 15, 1865, three weeks after her brother Philip had married George's sister, Helen on September 7, 1865. They had five children.

Regina wrote in a beautiful note of congratulations, "May your voyage of life be as happy and free as the dancing wave on the bright blue sea."

Regina passed away on February 25, 1925 at the age of  77.


 "Mrs Geo. W. Cardey, nee Regina Roesch, was born in Achern, Baden, Germany, Sept. 1, 1847, and died at her home in Lancaster on Feb. 11, 1925, aged 77 years. She came with her parents from Germany to Potosi when she was a girl of nine years. There they made their home.

She was married to G. W. Cardey on Oct. 15, 1865. They continued to live in Potosi where they had been brought up. Five children were born to them all of whom survive. Her husband preceded her only six weeks ago.

The children are: Laura, Mrs. G. F. Gelbach of Albany; Albert W. of Lancaster; Herbert of Lancaster; Clara, Mrs. I. K. Walker, of Lancaster; and Gertrude, Mrs. Wm. Schiffman, of Potosi; besides 9 brothers and sisters and 17 grandchildren. Mrs Cardey came to Lancaster nearly 18 years ago and lived here until her death. for over a year she had suffered very much and for some months had been quietly approaching the hours of death, even wishing for it at times.

Mrs Cardey was a member of the M. E. Church (Methodist Episcopal Church) and was confident in her faith in the Lord and suffered no fear of the coming hour of her departure. The confession and witness of the Christian are rewarded by quiet confidence at the last."

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