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Monday, February 27, 2012

Madness Monday - My Irish Green Eyes

I was always told that I was English, Irish, Scottish, and German.  It was easy to find the English side of my family because it was everywhere I looked.  Most of my tree is English.  The German, maternal side of my family I have documented so completely I have written a book, "Forever Laced".

The Scottish in me comes from my great grandfather, Emond Sterling, again on my maternal side.  I have followed this line all the way back to Scotland and the Stirling Castle of Keir that was situated high on a mountain overlooking water and the land.  Go back far enough and the name was once Strivelyn.  The origin comes from Ster meaning Mountain and lin meaning water.

My paternal Irish line has been a difficult line to find. I didn't even know where to begin to find out who they were.  Did they live in Fall River, New Bedford, or elsewhere? Were they born in Ireland or here in America?  Perhaps I need to go back even further in history.  I even suspected a connection with Lizzie Borden, oh my.  Whew, couldn't connect any dots there thank goodness.  I have all the black clouds and weeds I want thank you very much.

Well, just yesterday I finally discovered without a shadow of doubt the parents of my 2nd great grandmother, Ellen Sullivan, known as Nellie.  Her parents were Dennis (b 1816) and Hannah (b1820) Sullivan born in Ireland according to the census records.  Ellen actually named her son Dennis after her father.  I wonder if at one time the name was O'Sullivan.

I still don't know where in Ireland they were from, or when they came to America. Do you know how many Dennis Sullivan's there are with a wife by the name of Hannah?  How am I ever going to go further.  It is driving me mad I tell you.

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  1. Dear Kathryn:
    Do you have any other information on Dennis and Hannah? Perhaps where they resided in the US? I descend from Terrance Daniel Sullivan b. 1865 (O'Sullivan) from County Kerry, Loughfouder, Ireland. A cousin has published a family history and will be happy to take a look if you have any other deails.

    1. I show them living in Lakeville, Massachusetts, perhaps even Freetown and Fall River. The only thing I see in the census records is that they were born in Ireland. I published everything I know about them in my blog. If you can help in any way I certainly would appreciate it and the time you are willing to take in looking in your cousins family history.


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