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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mystery Monday - Wherefore Art Thou Forrest

Forrest Smith, born in Massachusetts in 1902, the youngest of five children went missing.  He is my great uncle, brother to my grandfather, Malcolm. 

"Where Are You"
When Forrest and his wife, Marie, wanted to return home due to financial problems he was told, "You can come but your wife, (marriage about 1926 I think) can not."  There is some confusion as to just who told him this.  Forrest left and was never seen nor heard from again. 

If rumors are true, I suspect it may have been his mother Laura that made this comment for she was discribed as a difficult woman.  Even her husband left her and disappeard, but not til his later years and grandchildren were in the picture.

 But, then again there was Forrest's sister-in-law, Agnes, who betrayed her mother-in-law, Laura, who gained possession of her house through lies of devotion. Agnes then sent Laura to a nursing home where she died. When Agnes's husband died, she stole her sister-in law's husband.  Laura's granddaughter remembers seeing them sneaking a kiss on the stairs. Oh my!

I have not discovered for sure where they were married or when.  I don't know if they had children or not.  I do believe that Marie, maiden name unknown, was from New York.  I wonder if Forrest was in the military and that is how they met, but again, I have not found a draft card.   I did find Forrest and Marie (hopefully mine) living in Jersey City, New Jersey in the 1930 census.   He was 29 and she was 27, no children were listed.  It told me that Forrest was a service man working for Fridigidaire. 

I am so looking forward to the 1940 census.  It can't get here fast enough.

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  1. Only a couple weeks more to wait. I hope you find him. Regards,
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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