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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Those Places Thursday - School Days

Christina Jehle, my 3rd great aunt, came to America in 1844 with her husband Johannes Kreitler.  They settled in Newark, New Jersey where Johannes, became known as John, owner of "Kreitler's Twine and Rope Manufacturing Company.  I know that out of 12 children, at least one of his sons worked at his father's firm.Many German families were settling in Newark.  What they found attractive were the 14 German-English schools in the area for their children to attend. 

The families may have had varying religious or political views, but they all had strong convictions about preserving the German language for their children.  Even the less fortunate class were willing to make any sacrifice to grant their offspring an education in their mother tongue.  During this period, over 3700 children were receiving German speaking instruction.

German-English Schools, Newark, New Jersey

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