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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fearless Females - History In The Making

Passing on family names gives one a feeling of belonging, a sense of history and pride.  This picture is of my three sisters and me.  I happen to be the first born, about age 13 here.  I remember the dress, lavender and white.  A new dress my mother purchased for a junior high dance I went to.

My younger siblings never let me forget that I am the oldest for they make the announcement whenever we meet someone new, "She's the oldest".    We were always known as the Smith Girls, definition:  good girls, nice girls, and polite girls, never in trouble girls.  

Mom always told us not once but many times, be a lady and always smile. We were and her pride and joy.

Left to right:
Kathryn, Robin, Janine and Sharon
My middle name is Marie.  I was named for my paternal grandmother.  Her name was Mary, but so was her mother and grandmother, so she was always called Marie.

Sitting in my lap is my baby sister.  Her first name is Robin.  It was rather apparent at this juncture that my dad, Robert, would never see a son, she was named for him.  (Her middle name, Doreen, suggested by my sister sitting on my right, came from the Disney TV show " The Mouseketeers". I guess you could call this a little piece of history, lol)

This sister, Janine, has the middle name of Lovina.  She never particularly liked it, but it comes from a special lady, our maternal great grandmother, Elsie Lovina.

My sister Sharon with the nautical blouse on received our maternal grandmother's middle name, Eloise.  Our grandmother actually had two middle names, Eloise and Helen.

So there you have it, History In The Making.  Hopefully this will help our descendants follow and find their lineage.

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