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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fearless Females - Mystery Mary

Mary Virginia Hall, my 2nd great grandmother was born on Feb 19, 1823 on Talbot Island, Florida.  She married John Carroll Houston on on September 22, 1836. Hall is listed as her maiden name.  To the best of my knowledge, they had ten children.

John built a new home in Eau Gallie, Florida for her and his children.   It took one year to complete this home and then he returned to Enterprise for his family.   It took three weeks to drive the covered wagons hauled by oxen and their herd of cattle to Eau Gallie.   Mary was indeed a pioneer woman.

 Their nearest post office and store was 90 miles away.  They raised all of their own supplies, corn, potatoes and beans, the river furnished them with fish, and deer, bear and turkeys were to be had in any quantity almost in their dooryard.  Mary had to weave all the cloth she needed by hand.

I am fortunate to have a copy of letter that was written to her by her sister.  However, it does not reveal any personal information about her.

I descend from her daughter Ada Louise, who married William Russell Roesch.  When I pulled Ada's death certificate it listed her mother as Mary Virginia Murray.  Both names, Hall and Murray are used interchangeably when researching Mary.  It is a mystery that I wish to have unraveled by me or her other descendants looking for the answers.

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