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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday - Lessons of Fear

Rumors run rampant out of fear and that is exactly what happened when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Innocent people can and do get hurt and not just from bombs.


Edward Minour Ohi, a Japanese family had a farm in Eau Gallie, Fl, and was a neighbor of my great grandfather, William R Roesch. The Ohi's were a quiet  family raising their children and working to make a living like every other American family. They grew beans and other vegetables taking their harvest to market to sell.  You can see the family relaxing on their front porch.  Little did they know that fear was about to change their lives so dramatically.

It was rumored that Ohi would write messages on his roof for the Japanese enemy war planes to see giving them an advantage to win the war; which was far from the truth. It was also rumored that their oldest daughter managed to get out of America and back to Japan. 

The family was wrongly imprisoned like so many others only to be released after the war. The Ohi family were guilty only out of the fear of a nation's imagination.  The lesson here is to not let fear get the best of you in any situation, that's when mistakes are made and people get hurt; possibly you.

In March of 1915, the 1st Annual Brevard County Fair was held in Eau Gallie.  Edward M. Ohi won 1st place for the Best Vegetable Collection.

Mr. Ohi ran this ad in the Eau Gallie Record:
Ruby King Peppers $3 per 1000
Florida High Bush Egg Plant $5 per 1000
Livingston Globe Tomatoes $3 per 1000

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