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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sympathy Saturday - Mary Jane Houston

Charles John Young and Mary Jane Houston

Mary Jane Houston, my great Aunt, was a daughter of John Carrol Houston, one of the first settlers of Eau Gallie Florida. Her mother was Mary Virginia Hall.  Her father gave her a dower of land.
On April 6 1897 Mary Houston Young signed away a portion of her dower rights  She and her husband, Charles John Young, signed the warrant deed transferring a lot in the Houston addition to Eau Gallie to the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Missionary Juristiction of Southern Florida, for the purpose of building a church already named "St. John's.

They were among the first 29 communicants of St John's Church.  They aided and assisted by money and work in building this church. The documents were witnessed by Henry Hodgson and Jno. E.M. Hodgson, Notary Public.  The examination of title (search)  was made on April 16 1897, and the transaction recored in Deed Book "B.B." pg 650, on May 1 1897. 

Mary and her husand Charles
are buried in the Eau GallieCemetery,
Eau Gallie, Florida

Mary Houston Young was sister to my great grandmother, Ada Louise Houston Roesch.  They are all buried in the Eau Gallie Cemetery. Whereas Mary and Charles Young built the St. John's Church, Ada and her husband William Roesch built the St. Paul's Methodist Church.

As the membership grew at St. John's, it became necessary to enlarge the Church.  It just amazes me that it was decided  to retain to the original sanctuary so the new church  was enlarged around it.  The old sanctuary is beautiful.

I wish everyone respected history this much.

The Young family moved to Miami about1922, where Charles Young continued to work for the East Coast Lumber and Supply Company.   


  1. Hi,

    John Charles Young and Mary Jane Houston are my Great Great Grand Parents. Their son William Harry Young is my Great Grandfather, his son Frank Young is my Grandfather and his son Harry young is my father. I wanted to know if you have any more information about them. Seems we are somewhat distantly related.

    Thank you,
    Vanessa Young

  2. Hi,

    My Great Great Grandparents were Charles John Young and Mary Jane Houston. Their son William Harry Young is my Great Grand father, his son Frank Young is my Grand Father and his son Harry Young is my father. I was wondering if you had any other information about them. Seems we are somewhat distantly related.

    Vanessa Young

    1. Hi Vanessa, I can tell you that Charles Young came from Virginia and arrived in Eau Gallie in 1884 and went to work at the sawmill that Gov Gleason built with his brother-in-law, Chauncey Carpenter on Elbow Creek in the fall of 1884. In 1940 they were living and renting at 81 North West 32 Street in Miami. His highest grade completed in school was 8th grade. He and his wife are buried in the Eau Gallie Cemetery, Eau Gallie, Florida


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