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Monday, June 25, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Voicing His Opinions.

Observations By An Observing Observer is a column my grandfather, Wm. Phillip Roesch wrote in 1925 in Eau Gallie, Florida.  Here is a small collection of his witty, subtle, and sometimes cutting  remarks to voice his opinion.

A few years ago the greatest preventive known to fond moments for Old Maidism was a partly concealed, well oiled porch swing - now replaced by the rumble seat in a sport modeled roadster.

It requires more time and attention to raise a crop of "wild oats" than one would imagine - and then the crop is worthless.

Over in Tampa the police threatened to jail two girls for appearing on the street without stockings - straining at a gnat and swallowing a horse fly - as it were.

If you want to find a prosperous town, find one where the Dove of Peace is a permanent resident.

Miami has a new method of showing police officials that the public is really their boss, by trying a few of 'em om ordinary murder charges.

Suggested slogan for the Garden Club:  "Make your house look like a home - plant flowers."

Strange as it may seem, you never see a checker game going on in the store of a consistent advertiser.

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