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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sullivan and O'Brian - I Wear The Green

This past February I wrote about my Irish link and how difficult it was to find the the correct ancestors for there were so many by the name of Dennis with a wife named Hannah.  It makes me happy to have found the Irish link I was always told I had.  Madness Monday - My Irish Green Eyes

Here is an update on my Irish 3rd great grandparents, Dennis Sullivan and Hannah.  I learned that her maiden name was O'Brian.  You can't get any more Irish than Sullivan and O'Brian.  Although I havn't found the record of when they came to America, it is possible they left Ireland because of the Potato Famine.

I was surprised and shocked that the 1870 census checked the box that said: Whether deaf & dumb, blind, insane or idiotic. Could that be true?

The 1880 census said that Hannah could not read or write, but Dennis could. What I came to realize is that they only spoke Gaelic when they came to America.  Dennis had learned not only to speak English, but now could read and write.   Being the bread winner by farming found it was a necessity to do business Most likely because Hannah was the stay at home housewife she only learned to speak English. They lived in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

I went to the Lakeville town hall and got copies of their death certificate.  Hannah died before her husband on July 31, 1897. Cause of death, of old age, 80.  Interesting is that it listed her parents, Timothy O'Brian and Hannah Sullivan. Dennis died two years later on March 20, 190 in Middleboro. Cause of death, Arteris Sclerosis at age 96. His parents were not listed, call me disappointed.

They practiced the Catholic religion and chose St Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery for their final resting place in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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  1. Congrats on a great find. I still love how much information we can get from census records.


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