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Friday, July 20, 2012

Funeral Friday - Declared Incompetent

 Royal Beebe was raised on Beebe Hill in Cuba, New York. Beebe Hill was named by its first settler, Jeremiah Beebe, Royal's father, in 1829.  Jeremiah settled on a farm east of Cuba village in 1829 and died there.  

At the age of 20, a farmer by trade, in the year 1835 Royal married Mary Ann Woodward, my 3rd great grandparents. They had nine children.  In 1867 the family moved to Golden, Oceana, Michigan. In 1890, Royal had an accident from which he never fully recovered.  What the accident was is not known. (Working some years ago at a company that insured farms I do know that accidents occuring on farms can be horrific.) 

Two years later in the month and year of November 1892 the court appointed his son Alfred Royal, age 30, his guardian and given full power to administer his father's estate.  Royal at the age of 78 was declared incompetent.  His son stated that his father had lost his memory and was incapable of transacting his own business.  He didn't realize the value of money or property and needed someone to  see to the preparation of food, clothing and care.

Two months later, Royal died on January 7, 1893 leaving an estate of 40 acres, livestock, equpment and a detailed list of assets for a total alue of $1466.25.  Four of Alfred's sibling contested their father's will stating that he was not in his right mind when he signed it on October 9, 1892.  The will was signed by three non-family  witnesses.  The outcome is unknown.  


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