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Monday, July 2, 2012

Motivation Monday - What Keeps Me Going

Arodi Peirce 1825
 The definition of geneaology is the study or investigation of ancestry and family history.  Sounds simple enough doesn't it?  Not everyone understands this concept or the deep emotional connection we feel when we uncover just who our ancestors are.  Some people just can't think past the grave and dead people. Those of us who have been researching and studying this thing called genealogy have been rewarded a thousand times over. 

I believe there comes a time in life when you realize how important it is to document your family history.   Slowly this endeavor becomes more than just names and dates.  You uncover lessons of faith, patriotism and love.  You learn about the struggles they underwent during wars, the depression and the loss of loved ones through illnesses we can cure today. 

I enjoy the hunt for the twists and turns and uncovering surprises that at times delight me and yes sometimes even shock me.  Studying and learning about your ancestors can teach you tolerance of others. Here you may find multiple faiths in your family tree along with a possble black sheep or two.  I believe that my ancestors are waiting for me to find them.

You begin to understand that you are a composite of all those who came before.  You come to the realization that one day you will be part of all those yet to come, therefore your life continues through them. What keeps me motivated is the realization that when you find pictures of your ancestors, learn the details and history of their lives, it is as if you knew them when they walked the earth.  It warms my heart.


  1. I love this post! everything you say here is so right on the money.

  2. Great post, Kathryn! I can relate to that deep emotional connection and the realization that one day I will be a part of all those yet to come. My Christmas 2012 post says something similar... :)


    1. I love the quote you presnted in your blog. "We cannot fail our children, for they are the messengers we send to a time and a place we will never see." (Former Maj. Gen. John Stanford)

  3. Yes. It does warm our hearts!


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