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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shopping Saturday - Honk! Taxi Is Here!

There is one particular shopping memory that always brings a silly grin to my lips.  My mother always loved to shop and so did her mother.  One summer when my grandmother came north from Florida to visit, the two were out shopping just about every day.  They always had the time of their lives and stopping for for a bite to eat was always part of the agenda.

My dad told them they needed to stop shopping and spending so much.  But that didn't stop them, oh no.  Finally, my dad took the car keys away.  Guess what?  That didn't stop them either.  Next thing my dad knew a taxi cab showed up in the driveway and off they took again shopping for the entire day.  All my dad did was laugh.

I also remember a clothing store downtown called Gotshalk's where my mother shopped on occasion.  The store owner offered a charge for their customers convenience, not a credit card by any means. I don't think they existed then.

Every saturday the owner of the store made house calls to collect a payment on account, usually $2.  Mr. Gotshalk would always take time to chat awhile before heading to the next house.

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