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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday's Obituary - An Honorable Man Dies

Russell Cardey
My 3rd Great Grandfather

Potosi, Wisconsin - Jan 29, 1894

Another name is entered in the record of immortal life-- another father, friend and fellow mortal has gone to his reward, where all tears are wiped away-- all sorrows cease and partings are no more.

On Friday night, the 26th, as the clock chimed the midnight hour, the spirit of Russell Cardey passed quietly to its maker; death printed on his placid features, the insignia of his pallid realm. From the warm precincts of the mortal-- became a dweller in that better land where the stars are dimmed with passing clouds-- where the moon withdraws her silver beams, and the sun
itself often hides its glories behind the dark clouds of adversity, the good old man passed away-- became a dweller in that better land where the stars never fade and whose glories are undimmed through endless years. Blissful transition from the cold, dreary pastimes of earth, to the radient, endless joys of eternal life.

The history of Mr. Cardey extends over a period of nearly seventy-seven
years. He was born at Palmyra, in Tioga County, NY, May 8, 1817. His
father was of Irish birth and his mother's family from Vermont, named
Stephenson. She died when Russell was only 17 months old, leaving him nearly
an orphan in the world. When a boy he lived mostly among strangers and
struggled for a living. He was married at Hamburg, Erie County, N.Y., August
8, 1842, to Miss Mercy Ann Hampton, aunt of George W. Hampton of Lancaster.
They lived happily together forty-four years; two children survive them.
George W. Cardey(-157) who resides on the old homestead where he was raised and
where mother and father now both lie buried, and Mrs. Philip Roesch who
lives in Potosi. Mrs. Cardey was a woman of much intelligence and many
excellent traits and her death which occured March 22, 1888, was sincerely
mourned by her family and friends.

The deceased first came to Wisconsin in 1839, where he labored for day
wages taking Mineral Point money for pay, which proved worthless. Getting a
log cabin in the Hurricane woods, he returned afterward to NY for his
esteemed wife who came cheerfully to pass her younger days in the wilderness of
Wisconson. They lived frugally, toiled industriously and were rewarded with a
pleasant home in which to spend the evening of life. He removed to his
present farm in 1850, building a comfortable stone house thereon and adorning
it with shrubbery, vines and fruit trees. His vines bore the largest berries
and his bushes the brightest flowers, in all the country side. It was a
pleasure and delight to go, on a bright autumnal day and there see standing in
all their exuberance of growth and bright array of foliage and flower, the
result of their tasteful industry; one could listen the while to the quiet,
intelligent conversation of those whose industrial hands and ideas of
refinement and pleasure, had made the prairie and the hills bloom as a garden;
and now, when long years of toil and approaching infirmities admonished them
the sun of their existence was decling, they could enjoy in ease, contentment
and pleasantness, their bright beautiful earthly home.

The husbandman has gone-- the hand that trailed the vine and planted the
lovely flowers is cold in death. May we not hope, in the paradise of God,
where they are transferred, they may find kindred employment, and congenial
tasks-- where faddess (sic) flowers and perennial fruits forever flourish
beneath the sweet dews of heaven and the smiling sun of righteousness.

To those who personally and well knew Russell Cardey, to dwell upon his
worth and speak of his many kindly traits of character, were a useless task.
His integrity, his constancy to truth, his sincerity of heart, his undeviating
adherance to the line of rectitude, in all his transactions with men, however
simple or unimportant, were proverbial and well known. No man ever received
wrong at his hands knowingly, and no man doubted his word once pledged. To do
right and live honestly and peacefuly with the world, were the aim and object
of his life. Thus, for over a half century, he dwelt among his neighbors
without strife or offense; and, now, in the fullness of his years and the
plentitude of his honors, peacefully and tranquilly, he has departed from the
scene of his labors. The memory of his long, useful life, his peaceful
character, his ernest and dilligent ways will survive the tomb and become a
sweet and enduring heritage to his family and friends.

Mr. Cardey was a member of the M.E. church with which he fellowshiped for
many years, he was more, he was a member of the human family, seeking truth,
virtue and holiness in the lowly walks of life, and by work, deed and example
striving to make the world better, lovelier, happier for his having lived.

The funeral took place Sunday from the family residence some five miles
northwest of Potosi. The services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Curtiss, of
Ellenboro, pastor of the United Bretheren Church. There was a large

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