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Monday, September 16, 2013

Obituary of The Love of My Life

I have strayed away from writing in my blog this year.  Two weeks after celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, Merrill was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.  My heart is boken, life will never be the same without him.  I cry every day.  I haven't had much interest in writing at all for genealogy was something I shared with my husband.  My focus is looking forward to building a new life for myself.  There is always a battle going on within me, heart vs head.  I must listen to my head to make the right decissions for the future.  It became important to me and our children to turn this negative situation into a possitive one for not only us, but for Merrill as well.  On September 28 we will doing a walk in Boston for Unite to Fight Pancreatic Cancer.  Our team has been working hard and have raised a little over $6000.

#1 Have a yard sale
  must clean out 35 years of stuff - done
#2 Put house on market
    sold in four days
#3 Find a new home
#4 Pack and move
    in process.
#5 purchase new furniture

I am just going to write off 2013.  I don't see myself having much if any free time, with moving, settling in, then the holidays and Christmas shopping. 
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