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Friday, June 29, 2018

Them Good O'l Days - Part 3

 Evelyn Christine Braddock Wilson- In Her Own Words - Panther Danger

"My grandmother, Ruth was staying by herself one day, somewhere around Crescent City.  Had to stay all day and all night and had an old wood chimney-oh, not wood but a clay chimney there was a hole that burnt out there.  Said she had a baby and she'd laid the baby down inside so the wind could blow on it through the back door.  Said she heard something a pat, pat, pat, pat, back there said she looked, run to the door and looked and said there was a big panther laying there on the ground.  Said he was patting his feet like he wanting to jump on something to catch it. She'd run there and slammed the door.  Said when she slammed that door he run right around the chimney and lookin through that hole there just ready to jump on that baby.

"She said that she had some fat wood in the house.  Said she laid a good long piece of that fat wood on the fire and got to burning good and she went back to the door and eased it open and said he was right there ready to come in. Said she hit him right on the back all the way up and down with that fat wood and that fire, said it was burning all over it. Said the panther was burning all over too and he took off from there.  Said she had to stay all the rest of the night by herself.

"Said the next morning there was an old man that right pretty close to her there and he came over there.  I don't know-to see if she was alright and she told him about the panther coming up there and all.  Said he had a little old feisty dog-wasn't nothing but a little old feisty.  He said, 'I'll get him for Ruthie.  Ruthie, I'll get him'. Said the old man took that little dog and went off.  Said he wouldn't let the dog get very far from him-just let him trail along. Said the dog went into the edge of the tree.  Said that old man looked there and said that panther was laying up there asleep.  Said he was burnt all over with that hot pitch and singed his hair off near 'bout  Said when he shot him he fell out.

Them Good O'l Days - Part 4 Panther Got Him http://kathrynsmithlockhard.blogspot.com/2018/06/them-good-ol-days-part-4.html

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