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Friday, June 29, 2018

Them Good O'l Days - Part 4

 Evelyn Christine Braddock Wilson - In her own words - Panther Got Him

"Up there in Georgia, there was two boys started to go hunting and they a - I think - I don't know if they had a gun or what to fight with but that panther caught up with them somewhere, and he jumped on one of them and bit him all up and got hold of him and dragged him off in the bushes. Said he-the boy said that he'd drag him a little way, then stop and smell of his nose to see if he was still breathing.  Said when he'd do that he'd hold his breath to keep from-just all he could.  Said that thing would keep carrying him off a little further. 

"Said after awhile, the other boy that was with him run back to the house, wherever they live to get help and said this panther would go a little ways, and he'd holler that panther holler and another one way back in the woods back there would answer him. Said he kept hollering back and to, said about that time that boy got back with help with dogs and men to help them.

"They ran the panther off. Said he had skinned-said the boy was awful scratched up but he wasn't dead.  The panther had covered him up with leaves; just rake them up like he was-I know you've seen old cats do that.  He dragged them leaves up on him, then rake 'em down a little ways with his nose then smell of him to see if he was breathing then he'd rake 'em back up. Said he done that three or four times  I guess he wasn't hungry.  Finally he went off and left him.  This other boy got back to him about that time with men and dogs he got of.

Them Good O'l Days - Part 5 Alligators

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