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Friday, June 29, 2018

Them Good O'l Days-Part 7-Final Chapter

 Evelyn Christine Braddock - In Her Own Words - Where's The Baby

"Panther used to come to the cow lot where they kept cows. She had in the corner of the lot-she had some boards, a baby bed made up there to put the baby in when she'd go down there in the evening to shut the cows up and tend to them. And she put the baby in there one evening and driving the cows in-around and getting them in there When she went to get the baby it was gone. Then she got everybody around to go hunt that baby and all they ever found was that baby's head. Panther had caught it and carried it off and eat it all but its' head.

"There used to be bears around too back then. Ma said her mother had a neighbor there that lived close to them. She didn't live right close, but she didn't live very far away. She went over to visit her one evening and when she started home, she was walking along, (carrying an unborn baby) and she dropped her bonnet, and the bear was just a tearing it all to pieces with his feet. She said she started to run toward home. She said that every time she could take off a piece of her clothes or something and drop it he'd stay there 'til he tore it all to pieces.  Said she was just about naked time she got home, where she'd thrown off all her clothes on the road running. The bear would stop and tear 'em up every time. They say if a woman is looking for a baby, and the bear got a scent of her, he'd run her down and kill her if he could. I don't know. That was the story that old people told.

"It was coming up a cold, freezing night, and the hogs had been in he field, and they'd toted up all the corn shucks and hay and grass and stuff they could and made 'em up a big bed and was sleeping in it to keep warm, and something got after them in the night-pretty soon after dark, and they all jumped out of that bed a squealing and a rallying and just a taking on-running across that field. Louise and Lee run out there-said something was a going down the lane-it was getting dark, but they could see. There was something moving down the lane, going back that way. Said it looked like a big black bear to them. Them hogs never slept in that bed another night. They couldn't take that-they left.

"They made 'em another bed. Ma said a long time ago the boars and the hogs-take one of these old big woods male hog-if a bear ever caught him-him and the hogs had a fight. He caught one down back of their field there one evening and they could hear him and the bear fighting at the house, but there was nobody there but the women folks. Nobody couldn't go down there They were afraid to. Said the bear would squeal-the hog would squeal-and the old bear would hit him. Said they could hear him hitting the old hog and the hog would squeal every time. Said they both killed each other. Said they were laying there dead. Said the hog would cut the bear all up. He had long tusks. Cut him and the bear finally killed him."

Evelyn Christine Braddock Wilson
passed away in Pierson, Florida on January 4 1982. 
Thank you Evelyn for sharing your memories with us, 
 perhaps them weren't the Good O'l Days after all.

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