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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Lost Art of Communication

We have lost the art of communicating with romantic and flowery words, whether it be through a love letter or an obituary. Technology has made it so much more convenient to pick up a phone, type a text message or send off a quick e-mail.  Sad don't you think that we now find it difficult to express our true emotions on paper?  These words, our ancestors knew.

A Love Story-March 8, 1823
Jack wrote a love letter to his wife Florence, known as Billy. He had no idea at this point-in-time that he would never see her again.

Dearest Wife:

Florence Eloise Sterling
my grandmother
 Billy dear, now that you've gone I realize how much I really love you.  Dear girl, I'll never forgive myself for letting you go.  Dearest, this room doesn't seem the same.  I used to think it was so cozy and cheerful but now it seems so cold and bleak and dreary.  Our kitchenette room is too full of memories of you.  I see you at the gas range, I imagine I see you by the dresser curling your hair.  The only thing that consoles me is the realization that you will soon return to me.  And when you do, God knows how I'll stand it until then, you can gamble your last dollar that you won't leave me again.

Dearest, I want you to rest and enjoy yourself while you are there.  I won't ask if you had a safe journey as God couldn't be so cruel as to make it otherwise.

Well, dearest one, will close now hoping that you miss me as I do you.  A wealth of love and a fortune of kisses from
Your lonely husband, Jack

Obituary April 5, 1988
Cherished Companion Died

On the 21st of March death entered the home of Russel Cardy in the town of Potosi, and claimed his cherished companion as its victim.  Mercy Ann Hampton was born of Christian parents in the state of New Jersey in 1813.  Her parents moved from New Jersey to Erie county, N.Y. while she was young, where they lived at the time of her marriage.  Her early life was spent among the friends-"Quakers"-and from them she learned the true lesson of virtue.  In 1842 she was married to Russel Cardy on the 25th of August.  They came to Potosi the same year.  She taught school in their own home their first winter in Wisconsin, besides attending to her household duties.  She lived a quiet life, never yielding to wrong.  They will see her no more here, for she has joined a brighter band.  Though the weather was cold she was born to her resting place followed by her numerous friends.  The procession walked to the grave.  They have the sympathy of all who know them.

Mercy Ann Hampton and Russel Cardy
my 3rd great grandparents


  1. Beautiful sentiments from a loving husband. I have kept a few myself. It is wonderful you have the copies of the letters. Today, many opt out of the obits because they have become so expensive. So it is none at all or very short. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kathryn, I so very much agree and I try and write letters or cards to my dear friends and family as much as I can.

    We are not leaving very much to our descendants with emails and the internet . . . a wonderful post and one to remind us all to hand write loving and warm words . . . we need to keep it going and something that is very much needed in our busy busy lives. If our Ancestors hadn't taken pen to paper and write letters as they did, we wouldn't glean the many happenings or feelings they experienced in their lives. Thank you for such a wonderful post.


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