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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday - One of God's Chosen People

Dr. Creel
Dr. William Jackson Creel was the first resident physician to stay longer than two years, arriving in Eau Gallie in 1910.  He lived on Highland Avenue with his wife and two sons and daughters.  He would arrive at his patients' homes in any way that he could.  Sometimes he would arrive by horse and buggy and other times by bicycle.

In one summer he delivered 35 babies for a total of $38.  Bartering became common practice during the depression.  The good doctor would accept eggs, pies, lawn work and other items offered as payment for his services.  He practiced medicine for 54 years.  Everyone respected and trust Dr. Creel.  He was referred to as one of God's chosen people and the town named the new causeway spanning the Indian River for him.

Baby Shower for Phillip
1st row: Ada L Houston Roesch, Julia Keehner Roesch,
and Eva Lena Roesch
Top row:  unk, unk, unk, (suspected sisters of Ada)
gr grandparents, Helen J Cardey Roesch, Philip Roesch,
Nellie Osborne Roesch holding
son Phillip, and grandfather, Wm R Roesch
My grandfather, William Phillip Roesch and his first wife, Nellie had a son, my Uncle, Phillip Osborn Roesch, born on September 27, 1917.  Dr. Creel along with his nurse, Beulah Houston delivered him.  A baby shower was given with all family member in attendance.  Pictures were taken to mark the special event along with a list of gifts and whom they were from.  Sadly, Nellie died when Phillip was seven years old.

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