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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Lessons Learned

The New Year is just around the corner.  It seems to me that in order to turn the page to 2012 we are expected to make New Years resolutions just to get to January 1st.  However well meaning that list is meant to be, it most always, assuredly, fades into the sunset before the first month ends.  So one could rightfully ask, "why make them at all".

I've been pondering (a new word I use, learned from an ancestor) the usual resolutions that most of us make, i.e. lose weight, etc.  What I've learned is that subconsciously I have been making resolutions but have been calling them something different.  I was totally unaware of this fact until now.

My resolutions are: to be a better person; be more receptive to others; don't let other peoples' problems influence my happiness, and to wear a smile and share it with those around me.  They are resolutions that I have tried to build upon year after year after year. 

You'd think (after all these, ahem, years) I would have them all conquered.  It does take a lot of practice. I'm not the best of students, but, I get an A for effort.  I can truly say that since I began the art of genealogy, finding information about the personal lives of my ancestors has awakened me to the true understanding that people don't change, only time does.

Each generation has to learn their own lessons by making the same mistakes of those that came before us. I certainly have made my share.  But now I have an advantage, I have learned lessons from my ancestors by the trails and experiences they left behind for me to find.  I feel truly blessed for knowing them for they have made my life richer.

Have you given any thought to making resolutions?  Something a little different than the usual, something meaningful to make 2012 a better year, a better you?  A very Happy New Year to all for a happier and healthier 2012.

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