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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Happy 50th Anniversary

 Picture taken in 1899 - home of Avis Eldridge Smith in Kanona, NY. Seated: Emond Lewis Sterling. Standing: Elsie Lovina Eldridge Sterling, woman in middle, Eliza Benson Eldridge Hall - mother of Elsie Sterling, Ada Milliman, Ed Eldridge; Holding baby is Avis Milliman Smith, dau of Ada Milliman, sister of Gladys Redman; Baby - Ruth Smith Magee.

My Great Grandparents
Emond Lewis Sterling
Elsie Lovina Sterling

Take note of the person who wrote this article.  It was my grandmother who was working as a correspondent for the newspaper.

Picture 1945 of my Gram and Gramp

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