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Monday, February 20, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - A Love Gone Wrong

 Florence and Jack from stories I was told were very much in love. They eloped. Florence’s parents, Elsie and Emond Sterling, were not happy about their daughter’s union. Why we no not. So they kidnapped Florence and took her away from Jack. Jack tried to contact Florence to no avail. Jack wrote many beautiful love letters to her that her parents intervened. She didn’t see these for a long a time.
The Lost Art of Communication

Judgement by W. H. Eldredge Clerk of said State of New York, County of Cattaraugus.

The Annulment papers dated January 4th 1924 before the Honorable Charles H. Brown, reads as follows: Now on motion of John H. Ryan, counsel for the plaintiff, it is ordered, an judged and decreed, that the marriage between the said plaintiff, Florence Greenblat, and the defendant, Joseph Greenblat, also known as Jack Greene, be and the same hereby is dissolved and annulled, by reason of the consent of the said plaintiff Florence Greenblat having been obtained by fraud on the part of the defendant, and the parties are and each of them is freed from the obligations thereof. This Judgment is interlocutory but shall and become the final judgment here, granting the relief decreed three months after the filing and entry of this decision and judgment as of course, unless the court shall in the meantime for sufficient cause otherwise order. Jack never appeared at court I was told. I can’t help but wonder if Jack really was served papers to appear? ) W. H. Eldredge, clerk of said county, and of the courts thereof, do hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing copy of Judgment with the original filed and entered in this office Jan 7 1924 and now remaining herein, and that said copy is a true transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said county, at Little Valley, this 7th days of January 1923. (W. H. Eldredge was a relative of Florence’s mother. After all, Eldredge was her mother’s maiden name. The true story of why this happened we will never know.)

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