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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Surname Saturday - Wilbore, Wilbor, Wilbur

Samuel Wilbore signed the Portsmouth Compact

Samuel Wilbore and wife Ann, came to America arriving in Salem, Massachusetts in mid-July 1629. He was a merchant, had a ship, probably sold cloth and lumber and was in the wool business.

He and 6 men under him guarded the gate at Roxbury. He sold his home on what is now Washington St. to Samuel Sherman. In 1634, he and William Blackstene bought "Boston Commons" and gave it to the town. Made "Freeman" 4 March 1633/4 and with John Porter and Philly Sherman bought Aquidneck Island, (Rhode Island).

Samuel was banished from Boston 30 August 1637, and disarmed 20 November 1637 and went to Portsmouth, R.I. because he was a follower of my 10th great grandmother, Anne Hutchinson.  And, because of that he was exiled from the state of Massachusetts along with Anne.  Anne was a Puritan preacher of a dissident church discussion group.

Samuel Wildbore was one of the founders of the iron industry at Taunton, Mass., building with his associates a furnace at what is now Raynham, the first built in New England. He became wealthy for his day, but his standing in the community could not preserve him from religious persecutions, and
for embracing the "dangerous doctrines" of Cotton and Wheelwright he was banished from Massachusetts with seventeen others.

Although he owned a house in Boston, and one in Taunton, he abandoned both, and on the advice of Roger Williams he, with seventeen fellow exiles, purchased from the Indians the Island of Aquidneck, he moving there with his family in 1638, these eighteen persons forming a colony under a solemn compact, March 7, 1638. Rhode Island had become a haven for persecuted religious sects.

These people, called Antinomians, believed that the moral laws as taught by the Church of England were of no value and that the only law that should be followed was that of the Gospel. Quakers, who eventually merged with the Antinomians, established a meeting house on Aquidneck in 1657.
Samuel became was of the signers of Portsmouth Compact.  You can see his name on the plaque.

Samuel Wilbore (1597 - 1656)
My 9th great grandfather
Son of Samuel
Son of Shadrach
Son of Shadrach
Son of Meshach
Son of Josiah
Son of Peter
Son of Joseph B
Daughter of Joseph P
Daughter of Mary Catherine
Son of Mary Ann
Daughter of Robert

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