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Monday, April 9, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - 25 Years Into The Future

Written by my grandfather, William Phillip Roesch, Publisher of the Eau Gallie Record in 1925.  In his words, February 5, 1925.

"Conditions change with the passing of time; 25 years ago when the writer was a boy, a street or road in this section paved with oyster shell with a width of 8 ft. was something to wonder at, and to go out of our way in order to drive over it.  Today we accept as a necessity 40 ft. asphalt streets and 18 ft. concrete roads - even pledge our property collectively in order to provide additional streets and roads, so that we may move quickly and comfortably from place to place.' 

"Twenty-five years in the future, in 1950, it is possible the elaborate systems of streets and highways of which we are so proud today will be used only as a parking place for our airplanes.  It is more than probable, it is certain, that development of transportation will continue and the airplane of 1950 will be even more a necessity to everyday life than the automobile of 1925 or the bicycle and horse of 1900."

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  1. Your grandfather was a very forward-thinking man!


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