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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Mother's Day

Written by my mother, Elsie Louise Roesch Smith.    

To My Daughters On Mother's Day

Dedicated to Kathy, Sharon, Janine & Robin
Mother's Day 1989 

What better time than Mother's Day 
To express some thoughts I seldom say.

Four precious little girls, like peas in a pod,
Sent straight from heaven a gift from God
Rearing children is a lifetime process
But so rewarding is each small success.
Sometimes the end never seems in sight,
Then suddenly there you were, grown overnight.
Years of time and money spent, more than worth every cent.
"I wonder where that fanny-whacker went?"

Curls bouncing on little heads, secrets shared at night,
Nicknames given in love, Gram and Nannie's delight. 
A picnic, a trip to Cape Cod to see the ships,
A walk in the woods brought smiles to your lips.
I'd like to keep you forever but know that I can't,
Because for such a short time you were only lent.
The men that you married are wonderful as well,
I love them all dearly, Jeff, Tony, Victor and Mel.

How proud I am of you
In everything you say and do.
When your children are grown and you can see,
That they are everything you wanted them to be.
Good mates and parents loving and caring,
With wonderful memories for sharing,
The cycle us complete.

My grandchildren are surely blessed,
But I might as well confess,
That the luckiest person in the world is me,
Because I am your mother.

Love you Mom

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