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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Surname Saturday - Susanna Hutchinson and Indians


Susanna Hutchinson is my 8th great grandmother.  She was the daughter of Anne Marbury and William Hutchinson.  (Surname Saturday - Marbury)
Here is her amazing story:

Susanna Hutchinson at the age of nine was captured by the Native Americans on August 20, 1843  who killed her mother and siblings when they raided and burned their home to the ground. Susanna was the only survivor. Killed were her mother, Anne, her brother, 23 years old Francis, 16 year old sister Anne and her husband William Collins, 15 year old sister Mary, sister Katherine who was 13, her 12 year old brother William, and the youngest, 7 year old Zuriel. A total of nine family members were slaughtered.  Somewhere between two and six years later, Susanna was reincorporated into European life.

According to one story, Susanna was spared from slaughter because of her red hair, while another account related that she was out picking blueberries and went to hide in the crevice of Split Rock when the attack occurred, a short distance away from the house.

Susanna's captivity ended when she was traded back to the Dutch, then to the English, and then returned to her brother Edward.  Her known living siblings at the time of her return were her oldest brothers, Edward and Samuel, and her two oldest living sisters, Bridget, the wife of John Sanford and Faith, the wife of  Major Thomas Savage who was killed by the Numtuck Indians during the King Phillip's War while negotiating a treaty. 

All of these siblings lived in Boston except for Bridget who lived in Portsmouth.  Susanna returned to Boston, and stayed with her oldest brother and his family. On December 30, 1651 she married John Cole, the son of Samuel Cole who owned Boston's earliest inn, the Three Mariners Inn  located midway between State Street and Faneuil Hall.  Susanna and John had eleven Children.

I just finished reading, "Trouble's Daughter", by Katherine Kirkpatrick.  It told of Susanna's life from the massacre and capture, her life among the Indians, to her negotiated return home. 

Susanna Hutchinson (1633 - 1713)  
my 8th great grandmother
married John Cole
Daughter of Susanna

Son of Susanna

Son of Captain John

Son of Samuel

   Son of Henry

Son of Josiah Tanner Crandall

Daughter of Loomis Hezekiah

Daughter of Elsie Lovina

Daughter of Florence Eloise Helen

Daughter of Elsie Louise  


  1. I still hope to email my Hutchinson ancestry to you! Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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  3. Claudette, I'll look forward to reading your Hutchinson ancestry.


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