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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Franklin, Eunice and Babies

Franklin Jones, my 2nd great grandfather had a twin brother, Freeman.  They were born in their parents home in Bridgewater, Massachuetts in the second floor bedroom.  The Hillside Cemetery where they rest is on the same street located no more than a half mile from the home where they were born.

Eunice is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Auburn St., Bridgewater, MA with her husband Franklin. Before her death, she was living with her daughter Laura and her son-in-law Joseph Smith.  You see her there in the 1910  census at the age of 80.  She died in 1911. The couple had six children that lived to adulthood.  Their youngest son died at the age of nine.  How many other babies they lost is unknown.

On the top of this stone it reads "Sammy and Our Babies. We know that Franklin and Nabby named their son after Franklin's father, Samuel and called their son Sammy. Sammy died at the age of 9. We have no knowledge of how many babies are buried here with Sammy.  This stone rests beside their father.

The name Franklin has continued on through the next four generations.  My father's middle name was Franklin, and I have a neice who has two middle names, one of which is Franklin.

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