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Friday, April 20, 2012

Funny Friday - Have a Laugh or Two

The Eau Gallie Record posted jokes on a regular basis for their readership to enjoy.  Here are a few that I will share with you.

A cow stood on the railroad track.
A train came around the bend.
She never had been hit before
But she got it in the end.

A young lady with vamp blue eyes and a store-bought complexion came into the Record office the other day.  And after watching the Linograph in operation for a few minutes said to the operator, "That's an extra large typewriter is it not - but where do you put the paper?"

This is leap year.  If some flappers assume some of Danny Cupid's modesty, they might hit what they shoot for before 1925.

I know a little man
and he plays a little flute.
I know why all the neighbors
are learning how to shoot.

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