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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wherefore Art Thou Joseph - Found

Joseph H Smith, my great grandfather decided that he would leave Bridgewater, Massachusetts and move back to Maine, the state of his birth.  He asked his wife to go with him, but all her children and grandchildren were here, so her answer was no.  He told his wife Eunice, kiss baby Genie (his granddaughter) goodbye for me.  And so, in 1930,he left, never to be heard from again.

I had heard that his wife was a difficult woman.  Perhaps he had enough and that is why he left. The ironic thing is that years later, their son Forrest did the same thing.  He left was never heard from again.  (Read story Wherefore Art Thou Forrest) Thankful Thursday, Forrest Has Been Found   I finally found him after seven years of research.

Now I have found Joseph, after eight years of research.  The only thing I have not found for father and or son, is their burial site.

Puzzle solved re: Joseph H Smith and where he went when he left his wife Laura Eunice Jones in Mass and moved to Maine. I last saw Joseph living in Portland, Maine with Gardner and his wife Sarah Lovejoy. See if you can follow this winding trail. It just might give you a headache.  I find it amazing that I found this at all. Do you know how many Joseph Smith's there are?!

William G Smith, my great great grandfather had a sister Hulda who married a James Tarbox. It was, I believe, their grandson, Arnold Tarbox who married Sara Lovejoy. So Sarah married into the Smith family. (Later she married into the Jones family. (Wm G Smith son Joseph H Smith married Laura Eunice Jones. Explanation below)

Taxbox children were the children of Sarah Lovejoy Tarbox born 25th of Nov 1884, Augusta, Maine. She was married to Arnold Tarbox a farmer from Westport, Maine. She was 19 he was 31 when they married. This was Arnold's 2nd marriage, first one ended in divorce. Sarah's father was Frank Lovejoy, farmer from Augusta, Maine. Her mother was Josephine Marr of Washington, Maine. The Tarbox children all born in Maine: Edna, at age one was living with her mother and Grandfather, Frank in Salem, Mass. Sarah was 25 at that time listed as married, but Arnold was not listed in that 1920 census. Sarah and her brother Franklin who was also living in Salem was 22 years old, single living in same household 1920. Next child Arthur, two years young than Edna died in 1981 in Farmingdale, Maine. Then Mildred Marie was one year younger than Arthur. she died 2001 in Fort Fairfield, Maine.
Joseph H. Smith and the Tarbox children and a Doris Jones child were living 2 Park Street, Augusta, Maine. .

Sarah Lovejoy married Arnold Tarbox. When Arnold died she married a widower, Gardner Robinson Jones. He was the son of Warren A Jones brother-in-law to Joseph. Warren was a brother to Joseph's estranged wife, Laura Eunice Jones whom he left in Massachusetts. Therefore, Joseph was a cousin to Gardner. So Joseph moved in with his cousins wife, Sarah. Gardner had been married before to a Cora. So the child, Doris Jones was Gardner's by his first marriage.

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