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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Mayflower Passenger Ancestors

How I descend from nine proven ancestors.  I joined the Mayflower Society under Myles Standish.  It was the society who proved the lineage for me to the others. So nice to meet you cousins.  Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

(1)Captain Myles Standish (1584 - 1656) is my 10th great grandfather

(2)John Alden (1599 - 1687) is my 10th great grandfather

Daughter of Carl Zachariah

(3)George Soule (1590 - 1679) is my 10th great grandfather

(4)James Chilton (1563 - 1620) is my 10th great grandfather

(5)William Brewster (1566 - 1644) is my 10th great grandfather

(6)John Howland (1592 - 1672) is my 10th great grandfather

(7)Francis Cooke (1583 - 1663) is my 8th great grandfather

(8) Edward Doty (1598 - 1655) is my 8th great grandfather

Joseph Doty 1651- 1732

(9)Stephen Hopkins (1581 - 1644) is my 10th great grandfather

Daughter of Stephen


  1. Hello, A question on the Stephen Hopkins line. Are you saying that Mary Cooke married John Rickard? What is your proof for this?
    Fred Stuart

    1. Mary Cooke, sister to Francis Cooke of the Mayflower married John Ricard as seen in marriage and death records.


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